Master in Human Resources Management

Duration: 1 Year

Methodology: E-learning

Credits: 60 CFU corresponding to 45 Quarter Credits

Language: English

Start of the Course: anytime

Tuition fees: 6.000 Euro

Tuition fees facilitations:

Guglielmo Marconi University provides scholarships and discounts on the total tuition fees amount that are applied all academic year round. For further information you can contact the admissions office. Payments can be divided into interest-free installments.

Entry requirements:

Applicants must hold a 4 years Bachelor degree

Academic achievement:

Participants who successfully complete this programme will be awarded with a Second Level Academic Master Diploma



The Master’s in Human Resource Management provides the necessary skills to effectively manage people in different business contexts because the success of any modern organisation depends on the quality of human capital management. This programme is an opportunity to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the elements that influence the behaviour of people in organisations and the appropriate tools for understanding strategies to support organisational development. Specific issues include the main internal and external management models, the objectives and communication processes governing the complex system of internal relations, the organisational environment and the opportunity for training as a strategic element of the organisation.



  • Organizational Management
  • Human Resources Management and Strategies
  • Organizational Consulting & Knowledge Development
  • Thoughts, Insights and New Challenges

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