Educational Model & Tutoring

Unimarconi is the first University in Italy to foresee the use of technology for education. In 15 years of expertise it has been developing very high levels of on line education model, through the Virtual C@mpus, a learning platform that is constantly monitored and updated for each study course, discipline and learning path.

What is included in our educational model:

Video lessons; textual didactic units; video testimonials; self-assessment and exercises; open questions with verification/ feedback from the teacher/tutor; multidisciplinary paths.


A tutor supports students during all their academic path, in order for them to better face any obstacles in terms of understanding and to be focused on a topic before moving to the following, advanced concepts.

Online learning benefit

24 hours online access to your study materials!

Our aim is to make Unimarconi as accessible as possible by ensuring that you can join us, wherever you are. That’s why we keep our requirements simple. All you need is a laptop or computer provided with the most recent operating systems.

You can achieve your qualification from the comfort of your own home via the internet.