Launch of new International MBA program

Digital change is drastically transforming business processes and business models around the world, we need a new generation of leaders with advanced management skills. That is why we have completely redesigned the International MBA course programme to train business managers with the core competences needed today but also with those that are required for the future. Studying key disciplines such as finance, management, economics, marketing, operations and strategy, students improve the knowledge and skills critical to business worldwide. The Master program, specifically designed to meet the needs of modern international business, provides a combination of academic excellence and highly marketable skills in strategic management.

Like all programs offered by Guglielmo Marconi University, the Master in International Business Administration is based on the Outcome-Based Learning model. Outcome-based education aims at enabling students to demonstrate that they have knowledge and skills to achieve any outcomes required. Graduates from the International MBA program will demonstrate proficiency in the use of business application software packages for financial analysis of data. They will understand how social and ethical issues affect organizational strategies, structures, and systems and be able to integrate disciplinary expertise across functional areas. They will mature into professionals able to identify and frame common organizational problems, determine relevant decision criterion and analyze relevant alternatives.