“Future Railway Communication Systems: the FRMCS and the ACS two contrasting approaches” presented in Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop!

The Scientific board of AB4Rail joined the International workshop “Future Network Security: Challenges & Opportunities Workshop”, held virtually on 22th – 24th March 2021. They introduced the importance of the telecommunication systems in terms of performance and connection stability for rail applications, the two most promising approaches Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) together with the Adaptable Communication System (ACS) and their design philosophies. The objective of this workshop, successfully achieved was to bring together experts from the globe and create a joint platform for information exchanges, presentation of results, and fruitful discussions to identify gaps and future directions for the IEEE FNI Security Working Group.

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Link of the Conference https://futurenetworks.ieee.org/conferences/future-network-security-workshop