Master in Science of Public Administration

Duration: 1 Year

Methodology: E-learning

Credits: 60 CFU corresponding to 45 Quarter Credits

Language: English

Start of the Course: anytime

Tuition fees: 4.000 Euro

Tuition fees facilitations:

Guglielmo Marconi University provides scholarships and discounts on the total tuition fees amount that are applied all academic year round. For further information you can contact the admissions office. Payments can be divided into interest-free installments.

Entry requirements:

Applicants must hold a 4 years Bachelor degree

Academic achievement:

Participants who successfully complete this programme will be awarded with a Second Level Academic Master Diploma



The module aims to present the Science of Administration as a discipline relatively recent that has as objective the analysis of the administrative organizational models, in relation to their functionality and efficiency. Moreover, it aims to underline how the Italian administrative organization had to fulfil the EU requirements, especially in the field of citizen’s protection, through the individuation of new organizational structures and new institutional administrative figures as the Authority.



  • Organizational and Administrative System
  • Administrative Organization
  • Principles of Business Organization applied to Public Administration
  • State Intervention
  • Public Policies
  • Local Administration and the International Setting
  • International Law: Case study